Our Team

Meet Our Therapy Team and Owners
  • We are speech and occupational therapists with over two decades of occupation and speech related experience, and Moms to amazing children just like yours.

  • Senses Therapies is a private speech and occupational therapy practice in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Senses Therapies was founded by two friends, both of whom are mothers to special children.  Our mission is to provide an integrative therapy approach, taking children back to basics by learning as all children should; through play.  We focus on the building blocks of development by immersing children in multisensory experiences and individualize our therapy sessions based on where your child is, and where they need to go.  By feeding the senses, we will help your child develop a strong foundation for learning.

    • Jenny Gandee
      M.ED., CCC-SLP
      Speech and Language Pathologist

      Jenny Gandee is a speech and language pathologist with 20 years of experience. She has worked with children from ages 2-12, specializing in autism and inclusivity. Jenny has an amazing daughter who happens to have autism.

    • Tiffany Higgins
      Occupational Therapist

      Tiffany Higgins is an occupational therapist with 18 years of experience and has worked in pediatric rehabilitation, early intervention and the school system. Tiffany has two amazing children.