Learn to Explore And Play In Nature
  • A fun-filled, sensory rich summer camp for kids

    What can your child expect at Camp LEAP IN?  First and foremost, your child can expect to have a fun-filled and safe week! Your child will Learn to Explore And Play In Nature, hence our name, LEAP IN! 

    Research shows that children learn through sensory play and exploration. This camp will provide a sensory-rich environment for children to encourage the development of age-appropriate sensory processing skills, motor skills and social skills. Camp is sure to be loads of sensory fun as children Learn to Explore And Play INature or LEAP IN! 

    Let the children be free; encourage them; let them run outside when it is raining; let them remove their shoes when they find a puddle of water; and when the grass of the meadows is damp with dew, let them run on it and trample it with their bare feet.” 

    Dr. Maria Montessori


  • See the fun for yourself!  Check out photos from Camp LEAP IN!
  • Camp LEAP IN ​is an inclusive camp for children in both regular and special education programs.

  • Camp LEAP In is designed to include many children who may not be able to attend traditional camps. This camp will provide a sensory rich environment that encourages the development of sensory processing skills, language, motor, and social skills. Our goal is to give children an opportunity to enrich these skills through play and movement while engrossed in nature.

  • Five Focus Areas

    • Sensory: We will work to integrate the senses (tactile, vestibular, proprioception, olfactory, vision, auditory and taste) in natural ways through imaginative play schemes.  We will be walking on logs as balance beams, splashing, jumping and digging in mud puddles, swinging with the wind blowing in our faces, jumping off stumps, rolling down grassy hills, walking over crunchy leaves and building forts with sticks and wood. Your child will have the opportunity to seek out what their body needs and direct this to be in the optimal state to participate in other activities. The environment will be equipped with a variety of tools to facilitate all of the senses such as hammocks, swings, tents, slack lines, and alternative seating. Nature in and of itself is the best sensory playground!
    • Gross Motor: Immersion in nature will focus on the development of large muscle coordination, core strength, the body awareness needed to motor plan and problem solve, build an obstacle course and other play-based activities.
    • Fine and Perceptual Motor Activities: We will use our tactile and touch systems, and with our own two hands build and construct cool things. We will facilitate the development of mature patterns by grasping tools to complete nature art and picking up and manipulating multi-sensory materials a variety of shapes and sizes. We work on developing the right amount of force needed to work with items in nature to play.
    • Language: As the children use their bodies to engage in nature, language-rich vocabulary and concepts will be taught in the environment where language naturally occurs. Children will work on following directions and using expanded sentence structure as they play, work, and most importantly have fun!
    • Social and Emotional Development:  Children will work on problem-solving as a team to create, build and play with multi-sensory materials. Skills that will be encouraged and addressed “in the moment” include being demanding, compromise, transitioning, sharing, listening to others ideas, taking turns, waiting for one’s turn and addressing any anxieties that may be present with trying new things or new sensory experiences. Camp LEAP IN is a safe place for children to experience all levels of feelings and emotions. We are equipped to identify appropriate ways to handle and cope, with the behaviors and emotions that will surface while working in groups with others.  The tools that we use to facilitate this domain include, but are not limited to, Michelle Garcia Winter’s “Social Thinking,” Becky Bailey’s “Conscious Discipline” and Leah M. Kuypers’ “Zones of Regulation.”


  • 2024 Camp Schedule

    A limited number of partial camp scholarships may be available.  Click here for more information. 

    • Nature's Creatures
      Do you like discovering all the creatures that Nature has to offer? Our Nature based camp week will provide plenty of hands-on experiences for Camper’s to experience the natural world around them through hands-on multisensory activities. While outside exploring in Nature, campers will have the opportunity to get down and dirty exploring, collecting, finding, and discovering insect habitats and more. Join us, and let's explore and enjoy the outdoors together.
      • 5-12
      • July 8-11
    • Out of This World
      Let your imagination soar OUT OF THIS WORLD! Let’s Blast off in nature together. We will shoot for the stars and learn social smarts while interacting with friends in Nature. Launch your kids into a spectacular world of discovery while they explore space themes and use all of their senses. Join us, and let’s blast off in nature together!
      • 5-12
      • July 15-18
    • Ocean Commotion
      Calling all mermaids, pirates, and sailors! A week of adventure on the high seas awaits you. What lurks beneath the surface? Starfish, whales, and all things Fishy come out to play as your child discovers the beautiful deep blue sea. Let’s sail away and discover Nature’s treasures together through multisensory activities in nature.
      • 5-12
      • July 22-25
  • Camper Requirements

    • Must be independent with their daily living skills to include toileting, dressing, and feeding
    • Must be independently verbal to participate in the camp activities and benefit from the social programming
    • Must be able to follow simple directions in a group

    Camp LEAP IN may require follow up information or assessment to ensure each camper can get the most out of their camp experience, and to ensure the safety for all campers and staff. 

  • General

    • Camp is $325 per week. 
    • Camps run from 9:00 AM-12:30 PM at The Canterbury School in Greensboro, North Carolina.
    • Payment in full is required with your application to reserve a spot for your child.  Your registration is not complete until all forms, and payment has been received.
    • Applications will be reviewed individually, and you will be notified of your child’s acceptance. 
    • If your child is not accepted, your camp fee will be returned to you.
    • Cancellation requests need to be received via email. Refunds will be issued for cancellations prior to April 1. After that date, a partial refund will only be given if that camper’s spot can be filled. This refund will be in the amount of $200, and a $100 processing fee will be retained.
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